About us

Our Vision

Amfi Freight International realises its potential through new opportunities and strong relationships with our local and international customers. The importance and value of the Amfi Customer is always foremost when delivering our flexible, focused and cost effective service, aimed at exceeding our customers expectations. We focus on developing further competencies in target business sectors to continue making our company attractive.

The Amfi Team is a collaboration of like-minded people who share a common purpose, the importance of quality and are motivated by their job functions, responsibilities and levels of authority. Amfi staff are committed, empowered and happy, celebrating a winning team ethos.

Amfi, our customers and staff continue to grow together, sharing in mutual prosperity and beneficial business opportunities. We believe in giving back and investing in our community, supporting worthwhile charities and striving to make a difference in others lives.

Our Mission

Amfi Freight International is a flexible and competitive Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearing company that partners with our clients and overseas networks by forging strong and lasting business and personal relationships. Our goal is to provide our customers with a high quality and cost effective service that differentiates us from our competitors and which ensures the sustainable growth and profitability of our company.

We aim to achieve this by adding value to our clients businesses through understanding their expectations and offering a quality service. We encourage our employees to achieve professional fulfilment which contributes towards their personal development and effectiveness in the workplace. Amfi recognises our social responsibility obligation as part of its goal to grow a profitable and sustainable business and is committed to contributing to worthwhile non-profit charities and organisations.

The Amfi Team embraces a set of ELITE core values that define us and how we “do what we do”, and strives to form and foster relationships with clients sharing similar values within their businesses and communities.

Our Core Values

E     Excellence by exceeding our Clients expectations, needs and going the extra mile
L     Leadership through relevant guidance and insights, and seeing the bigger picture
I      Integrity in Our actions, thoughts and words, and treating others with respect
T     Teamwork in overcoming challenges and getting the task done
E     Enjoyment being part of the proud Amfi Family & Team